#Moviekureview : I.T (2016)

I watched two days ago on HBO.Well, I don’t usually watch Tv but when I do, I’ll make sure that I’m not wasting my time watching worst movie but hye, I.T (2016) makes me want to sit until the ending of the movie.

Here’s a bit of the sypnosis:

Michael “Mike” Regan is a self-made aviation tycoon who lives in a state-of-art smart home full of modern technologies with his wife, Rose, and their 17-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn. Mike is developing an app called “Omni Jet” which is designed to fly at a higher altitude and will be effective upon the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

At the company, he meets the 28-year-old I.T. consultant, Ed Porter, and he calls Porter to fix the WiFi signal which his daughter complains is slow. Porter claims that he also worked at NSA and joins the military exercise in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Porter meets Kaitlyn and starts the relationship through the social media. Mike fires Porter from work after Kaitlyn invites him to come in the house, although Kaitlyn describes Porter as being nice but Mike tells her that she is too young for her to have a boyfriend and the rest , you need to watch to know more exciting scenes.


So far, the best thriller movies which involved with things that we must concerned of right now. Things were getting insane when that dude watched everything through the camera 😂😂😨😢





Just Ann

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