#Dramakureview : Goblin Episode 1

I just watched Goblin Episode 1 and I am so in love with everything, I mean EVERY LITTLE THINGS.

I know that I am a bit outdated. Well, my sister who are very picky when it come to any dramas, surprisingly recommended me to watch the drama last year when everyone was talking about it. But then I only managed to watch it yesterday.

Well, who doesn’t love the lead actors, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. Big Names in Kdrama Industry. I mean TWO LEGEND working together in a drama. Just WOW! 

Gong Yoo as a divine warrior named Kim Shin before he become the Goblin,

But isn’t goblin supposed to be green and small.Aha.. this is Kdrama, we’re in the korean’s fantasy world.

Lee Dong Wook as Wang Yeo,  the Grim Reaper. THIS is so … I can’t express it in words. I MEAN how come Grim Reaper can be this HOT and luckily, he doesn’t need to cover up his face.His character here is a bit evil, but I’m looking forward to the end of episode.Because I’ve read that he become friends with the Goblin. WELL, Going to continue watching it later..

Not to forget, the cute actress, Kim Go-Eun as the lead actress and I really love her character as the positive and energetic girl. She is for sure a very strong girl, I mean what do you expect, She can really see ghosts and the saddest part is when she knew that her mother was dead. I cried so hard. Loving this so much

Another actors on episode 1 also making this drama being the best of kdrama.We have the kid who grown up so fast, Kim Min-Jae. He becomes the jealous king in the past. His appearance are so strong that I feel like punching his face & Kim Byung Chul’s face too.

And another actor who is my favorite maknae from BTOB, his character is as the servant’s playful grandson. He is so funny but sometimes so rude to Goblin and I want to watch the uncle-nephew relationship over here.

Here’s another favorite actress, Kim So Hyun as the queen. She did not play the leading and the bad thing is that she was killed at the first few minutes of the drama.

Other supporting actors/actress who make the drama, an interesting drama are so follows:

  • Han Seo-Jin as Young Eun-Tak.
  • Lee El as Birth Grandmother
  • Kim Sung-Kyum as Duk Hwa’s Grandfather
  • Park Hee-Von as Eun-Tak’s Mother
  • Nam Da-Reum as a boy beaten by stepdad
  • Jung Ji-Hoon as young Yoo Duk-Hwa & Kim Shin’s servant

Overall, the drama are very much different from any drama that I’ve watched. To get involve in the making of this drama could be the best things ever. I REALLY LOVE the camera angle and the soundeffect they’ve used. It seems so cold since the beginning. I do feel the coldness of the Goblin and the darkest of the Grim Reaper.

Well,  I need to watch the whole drama to get to know more of Yoo In-Na’s character since I didn’t mention about her because her character hasn’t come out yet. Well, enjoy every bits of this post. Thanks




Just Ann

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